'09 TW No Power.. Bad Ignition?
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    '09 TW No Power.. Bad Ignition?

    Hey guys, Rode by Tdub to work yesterday. I took the long way home and rode it how I normally would. After parking it, and taking the key out, I left it sit overnight. I went to fire it up the next morning and nothing happened.

    First I thought, "Oh great, time for a battery" So I checked the battery and that was not the issue. (Put out a solid 11v) Still skeptical of the battery, I threw in another one that I knew was perfectly sound.. Nothing. After determining that the issue doesn't lie in the battery, I checked the main fuse.. Not that either.

    The Neutral light does not light up when the key is turned to the "on" position, so I began to troubleshoot the ignition mechanism. With a meter I determined that I am getting Power to the ignition (through a red wire), but nothing happens when it's turned to "on". No other wires get hot, just the original red one that is always hot. In my curiosity, I took the ignition barrel apart. Nothing seemed to be corroded, broken, or loose, so I put that back together. After reassembling the ignition, there is no definitive "click" from the off position to the on position. It's just a sloppy, analog dial now. I'm tempted to just purchase a new one instead of put this one back together for it to not work properly.

    I guess my real question here is, Should I continue to fiddle with this Ignition or should I just Purchase a new one?

    also: Has anyone had this issue? Could it be anything other than the Ignition Mechanism?

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    try joining the red and brown wires together, this will bypass the ignition totally, you will know if that is the issue or not

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