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Thread: Bought a broken 2018 TW today! Just scratching my head on how to fix it for cheap.

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    TW meets an immovable object! LOL. YUP, You must do a very close inspection of the triple trees and the steering head to make sure there is no cracks or bends. With all of that good then what you will need is a new front wheel and a pair of fork tubes. The fender bracket is likely to be tweeked but could be bent back and the fender looks ok from here. After you get the wheel and fork tubes removed be sure to check the steering head bearings to make sure there is no rubbing or hanging when turned side to side.
    I will go better than Brian and give you a new I Phone X in trade for that nice bike and have it repaired for a few hundred. Any wheel and fork tubes from a TW from 2001 up will bolt right up.

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    You got this new bike for an I whatever and you are wondering what to do? Order all new parts, put them on and be happy you got the steal of TW's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DieselZack View Post
    Actually he let a completely inexperienced rider get on it the day that he bought it. ....
    Some people shouldn't even be allowed to BUY a motorcycle!!!
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