Need suspension upgrade
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Thread: Need suspension upgrade

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    Need suspension upgrade

    I rode my first real ride on my 09 TW this past weekend. I bought it last November and hadn’t really ridden it except around the lawn and field. I had a blast on the little TW! It’s plenty peppy enough for the back roads we were on. I was riding with my brother in law who is riding a CRF250L and kept up with him just fine! We rode around 60 miles of seasonal roads and back roads. The only complaint was if I hit a pothole it would bottom so hard that my license plate would somehow bend up! I weigh 260, so I figure I need stiffer springs. I understand there isn’t much adjustment to the shock. Any suggestions?

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    We had so much fun we are planning another ride this weekend! I’ll just have to try missing the potholes for now.
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    This is what you need --> , the 19 kg/mm one. Also you may want to look here for the front -->
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    Did you ride the CRF?? Might be time to upgrade.
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    Before you spend money on stiffer springs make sure the oil level is set correctly. Every TW I've ever heard of is set about 20 mm too low. Bring it up to 130 mm and try that, maybe even 125 mm at your weight. That is a maximum fill level, beyond which stiffer springs are necessary. Look in the tech write-ups for the procedure.
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    Nice pics, thanks for sharing. I like the idea of trying improvements one at a time, to see what made the biggest difference. Our little TW's are pretty limited on suspension, so I wouldn't expect it to ride like a modern dirt bike.
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    I would agree with Rocky on verifying an appropriate amount of fork oil. This should be done whether or not stiffer springs are installed front and/or rear. The 09 likely has not seen a fork service in a while. As such the fork oil is likely contaminated with significant fine aluminum debris. Overall fork feel might be improved with a basic service including new seals if warranted. Similarly the rear shock can have it's preload increased from stock whether or not an aftermarket spring is installed.
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    389.00. Sprung to your weight. For me on my bike it's a 100% improvement
    I also put Schrader valves on my fork caps to stiffen up the front
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