Just signed back in after about 5 years! I haven’t started my 87 TW in probably about a year and a half. I robbed my battery for another project I was working on and never replaced it yet. Decided to go for a ride this weekend and figured I could get it started up without a battery. I used to run it without a battery years ago. Anyway I found my carb to be gunked up so a quick cleaning took care of that. I got it started and heard a buzzing noise from the right side of the bike. Took off the side cover and found both of the relays in front of the cdi are buzzing? Looking at wiring diagrams they look to be cut-off relays? I unplugged both for a minute to see what would happen and the bike still ran. I plugged them both back in and rapid clicking/buzzing and they heat up. Any ideas where to start?