Does anyone rebuild the 1987 CDI ?
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Thread: Does anyone rebuild the 1987 CDI ?

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    Does anyone rebuild the 1987 CDI ?

    My CDI is shot, the bike runs good with with the CDI box wrapped tightly with heavy wire and 2 large steel washers but if I take them off, it sputters, pops and bangs etc. Does anyone know who might rebuild or fix these?
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    Not sure on rebuild but you can get an improved CDI for your 87 here
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    Most likely you will destroy it more trying to take it apart and repair it. Go with Sthrnromr's suggestion. The gentleman who makes those is also a member here.
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    Thanks fells!
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    Are you kidding? Tom Bauer got my '87 CDI working well. He has 2 of the 3 stickies at the top of technical help.
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