Stripped Mirror Socket
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    The top threads are stripped and I can't get my mirror in. : [ How could I fix this? Does anyone know the part number for the clutch lever mount / mirror socket part?

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    Sometimes these get stripped when someone tries to screw the right side mirror into the left side or the left side mirror into the right side.

    Yamaha does righty-tighty on the left side and lefty-tighty on the right side. Sort of like old Dodges that had right side and left side lug nuts.

    On your bike, one option may be to use a thread restorer-------the kits are sold at Sears and other hardware and tool stores, or your local mechanic should have a set.

    Not necessarily cheap if you will use only one time, but I have a set in my toolbox for both standard and metric and they were definitely a good investment if you want a complete toolbox.

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    What? I should have read the manual more closely. Thanks guys.

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