Chain broke - with a new chain, should I change the sprocket?
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Thread: Chain broke - with a new chain, should I change the sprocket?

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    Chain broke - with a new chain, should I change the sprocket?

    My chain broke at the end of the day today. Great timing, as I was 1/2 mile, up hill, from the truck. Coasted back.

    I have a new chain in the garage. When installing a new chain, should I change either the front or rear sprocket or both?

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    Ideally all three go together but if the sprockets aren't worn too much, it could be okay. If you've put more than a couple thousand miles on I would seriously consider new sprockets. Depends how the teeth look. Regardless the stock chain, if that's what you had, is not very good and so may have given up early, leaving the stock sprockets relatively intact. Putting a new chain on worn sprockets is likely going to result in premature chain wear.

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    I have never seen a chain break! What happened? Did the master link come undone?

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    Without seeing the chain and sprockets all I can do is assume. A chain brakes from being highly worn and weak usually. This would tell me the sprockets are likely as worn as the broken chain was so your answer is absolutely yes on changing front and rear sprockets and a new chain. Keep in mind you will also likely need a new side cover gasket unless you get super lucky and can re use the existing one. Also keep in mind when you put the cover back on to not pinch the wires going up under the seat. Some of us practice the premise of Preventive Maintenance while we are inside this cover and replace the shift shaft and main shaft seals at the same time. All this stuff is rather simple and inexpensive.

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    Gary L is dead on EXCEPT IF...sometimes a master link just gives out. They are cheap and I carry two in my enduro bag.
    The best way to tell if your sprockets are worn...look at least the rear one. Now look at your is the master link. If the link just gave out, spend the whole dollar and put a new one on and carry an extra one or two with you. Yes they break. I have never broken a chain, but my master link has given it up. I carry an extra 2 on every machine I own. Generally if you clean and lube and adjust the chain periodically, you will be fine for a long time and your sprockets will also live a long healthy life. snails are telling me to save my money for a chain. I should see 5,000 miles out of my factory chain. Yes, I am going to replace it with an oem so as not to have wasted money on my two master links. I will also save the one from my old chain. There is nothing wrong with it.

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    The only way a chain is going give up the ghost (at the master link or anywhere else) is if it’s knackered. Sticking another master link on there is only going to prolong the issue, not fix it

    And yes, if your chain gives way, the sprockets are either the cause of it, or the damage will already be done (to the sprockets) by then

    Add to that, the damage that a chain can do to your crankcase cover, or, if you don’t have a chain guard in place, your calf – well, I think you can see where this is going

    My advice is to replace both sprockets, and add an X ring chain as a set. Otherwise you’re just courting disaster to save a few bucks ……
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    Yes, tw sprockets are cheap.
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    If your chain is at the point of failure its already causing abnormal wear to the sprockets. Ive done the micrometer work and its shocking how much the dimension of the chain and sprockets change over time. If you hear noise or if the teeth are starting to deform its way past time

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    Now when I was young, ignorant and self taught I would struggle putting the master link's clip on and off incorrectly resulting in a damaged and ultimately lost clip, link & then chain. Once seeing the right way things go significantly smoother with never a failure.

    Orchemo, I would guess that most would likely agree with the above comments & conditional advice. i.e. changing the three together is wise unless a fluke occurrence broke a link on an otherwise newish set of chain & sprockets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiny-Wheel-200 View Post

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