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    My second TW came with a 42t sprocket and an o-ring chain. I decided to replace the 42t sprocket with a 50t that I had laying around but the the o-ring chain was just a little to short. Rather than "waste" a new chain on used sprockets I decided to make do with what I had and spliced in a very short section of regular chain using a regular chain master link. I went for a short ride and it works just fine.

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    Sure. Why not

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    It's fine. It also illustrates the fact that if you throw a master link in the field you don't need an o-ring master link in order to get home. Any standard master will fit any o-ring chain, but not the other way around. Good luck finding an o-ring master to match your chain 500 miles from home.

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    thanks for leting us know.

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