Wiring help, no lights power!
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    I've been putting this TW together as a side-project of mine for almost 2 years now. Every once in a while i get together the money to buy the next part, yet inevitably something else is trashed.

    So right now I've got it to where it will start, and it will run, and it runs pretty well - probably a little lean at idle, but not worried about that quite yet - the bigger issue I HAVE NO LIGHTS!

    I've got the EU stator I believe, it's a '92 TW200. There's three white wires out of the stator which goto a rectifier, and to lights. I have no rectifier. I can measure no voltage (AC or DC) off of any of these wires when the bike is running however.

    right now it's super simplified and the ignition is just running directly from the stator with all kill switches, safety triggers etc disconnected. I also have no battery.

    wiring matches this one

    Does it NEED to have a regulator/rectifier to have measurable current? Or is it likely i need to replace the stator lighting coil for a bunch more dollars?

    Everything I've found so far is simple instructions regarding checking battery and grounds etc. but i'm working bare-bones wiring, i got no wiring harness with this bike, and don't plan on all that mess, i just want some wires to give me some power! any way to test without replacing.

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    You will need the regulator/rectifier to get a voltage you can use. You can check the stator lighting coil for resistance. Do not know what it should be. Also you can check for shorts to ground.

    I have not seen any on here that had a problem with the stator lighting coil.

    I think the three white wires will put out AC not DC.

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    I concur with arrowsmith. You should check your stator for resistance. you can do that from right there where it hooks up to the CDI. I lost spark on my hollow mod after replacing the entire wiring harness and the cdi. So I definitely hear you about not wanting to deal with the complex factory electrics. The stator on my bike fried because the channel between the left case cover and the main crankcase where the stator and pickup coil wiring comes out is narrow and the harness got pinched. all six wires were showing bare metal and shorting to one another. if this is the case you will probably have to replace the whole stator....and its steep. 275. sounds like your regulator issue is more probable, (fingers crossed). But if it IS the stator and you end up having to shell out the heavy cash, you might entertain the possibility of getting the wiring harness as well. since its only 100 bucks more ( I know thats a heck of a lot easier to say than swallow ). The only reason I say this is because ive been there, and once I bit the bullet and ordered the harness my life got markedly better. Believe it or not there is a new wire harness smell. and it smells good.
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