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    i have a 07, with key on i get nothing but a click when i hit the starter button. i just replaced the original battery, it was clicking only before i replaced battery, the lights do not dim when i hit switch, checked battery it is good to go. looked at fuses on side panel where wires go from battery, they are good. clicking noise comes from relay(if that what that is) it push starts easy on first try and runs great. what do yall think????? thanks in advance...

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    sounds as though it maybe in the starter safety circuit. Do you hear a faint click under right side cover when you turn the key 'on'? If so, jump across the starter relay to ensure the starter is free. If it spins the motor, the starter should be good. If no 'click', the safety circuit is most likely the culprit. Unplug the kickstand safety switch to eliminate it from the safety circuit. Try pulling in the clutch while starting. Does the neutral light work properly? Worst case scenario, its the neutral safety switch. Left sidecase has to come off to replace. Just some things to try & look at. Hope it helps, TIM
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