Yikes! Heeeellpppp (oil drain plug broke off!)
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Thread: Yikes! Heeeellpppp (oil drain plug broke off!)

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    Yikes! Heeeellpppp (oil drain plug broke off!)

    So ya talk about an oil change gone south. Good news is the old oil is out. Bad news is.... any new oil is coming right on out too!

    The drain plug bolt end sheared off leaving a finger sized hole and me wondering how the [email protected]$& to get the rest of it out now?

    Maybe I can notch into it with a grinder and tap it out with a big flathead?

    Are these things are pretty universal and can I pick one up at a local shop or do I need to overnight?

    Pics for proof of the fun 😵

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    I would try driving a big flat head screwdriver into the hole to see if you can get it to bite and then put a wrench or visegrip on the screwdriver handle and see if you can get it to break loose. Others have used a chisel or screwdriver on the outer edge of the plug to get it moving.

    My guess is that your only source might be Yamaha?

    Best of luck!

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    I'd whack it with a hammer a few times to shock loose whatever kept it sticking, then maybe dremel a groove somewhere convenient along the circumference where I could wedge a screwdriver to whack that with a hammer to start it turning. After it's free some vise grips or channel locks might be enough to back it the rest of the way out.

    As for where to source a replacement, either your local Yamaha dealer or...

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    I hate to like the Fast and Furious meme, nihil...but I had to!
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    The fat screwdriver did the trick. I think it broke loose when it BROKE because I barely turned it and just stuck it in by hand and it came right out.

    Well she’s down for now but she’ll be back!
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    There’s a good chance the corrosion has fused the drain bolt to the engine case. Any whacking may cause some other weakened area to crack before breaking the stuck thread. Safer and less metal will get introduced inside by drilling ever increasingly larger holes. Until the last bit can be nudged off. You can also get a stone bit to grind/seemed away in a similar manner.
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    When you put the new one in, replace the O-ring if it is over five years old and use 28 ft/lbs. torque instead of 31.
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    In the past I’ve heated the broken bolt etc with a torch to as high a temperature as possible without damaging anything nearby, and then I take a can of compressed air, turn it upside down, and spray the fluid on the just the bolt to cool it as rapidly as possible. This process repeated a few times may be enough to loosen the bond between the broken bolt and the surrounding threads. The heat can possibly boil some penetrating oil into the threads as well.
    It works quite often. And if it doesn’t, you still have all the more drastic options available.
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    Thank you everyone for the help. I got it free and now await an order from boats.net

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    Just so you will know you are not alone the same thing happened to me. At 8 o'clock you can see where my chisel cut into the aluminum so I could loosen and unscrew it. I screwed it back into a spare case I have so I could take the picture.
    Long live the internal combustion engine!

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