Struggling with this old girl..
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Thread: Struggling with this old girl..

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    Struggling with this old girl..

    Hitting a wall with my 07’

    I know these seem like small things but as I add them up I’m starting to feel overwhelmed.

    There’s a few issues here so thanks in advance for your patience and help.

    So it’s probably due to not using a torque wrench for so long but ironically the day I got one and used it I stripped two of the bolt holes on the tappet covers in the head.

    Looks like I now have to tap it 😉 no pun intended. Do you think I can just get a size up in stainless from the hardware store and it will bite on it’s own or do I need to actually tap it?

    In planning to replace the valves I’ve been toying with getting the exhaust off. The bolts are sorely rusted. I managed to turn the top but the bottom budged slightly and now is stripping (allen key). It’s in a terrible place, of course, to cut it. There’s a slim chance I can grab it with vice grips but it’s a tight place. Maybe a screw extractor? If I could reach it I would just cut it and grab the stub with vice grips and twist it out.

    In line with this and the recent oil drain plug disaster I found a fair bit of shavings in the oil. It actually looks like paint. Dark maybe black on one side metal on the other and paper thin. No idea where it’s coming from but I’m starting to think it’s gonna need a total rebuild.

    I also looked at the valves again which were slightly out of spec. The intake looks about the same, roughed up, but the tappet is quickly being worn down and in an uneven manner. It really looks like the tappet and valve tip are offset and the wear seems to agree.

    I’m guessing it could be the rocker arm is bent or the valve itself is bent?

    At this point were talking full rebuild all seals, gaskets, o rings, valves, rocker arms, piston, rings, and a hone.

    It’s gotten so pricey I dunno if I can afford it. We also lost out local mechanic so it’s a risk factor handing it all to someone new.

    I want to do it my self but the way things are going it’s just kinda feeling like too much! I’m not a mechanic and don’t have the tools and struggle to see spending the money on them for one time job.

    I’m seriously considering selling the bike at this point.

    Thoughts opinions etc. appreciated.

    I spent the last two days working on it.

    Friday eve/Saturday washed it and adjusted the throttle play, started an oil change (now waiting on a replacement drain plug!) Put a new SR241 on the front. Cleaned and lubed the chain and adjust chain tension. Today greased the swing arm and speedo cable, cleaned the oil filter which had a lot of metallic/black paint shavings) drained rest of oil. Adjusted valves to spec. Cleaned air filter which was caked with sand and red dirt.

    I’m worn out and it seems so is the bike!

    Main issues (if I’m gonna rebuild it)

    Get the crusty exhaust header bolts off.

    Re thread two tappet bolt holes in head with bigger bolt.

    Order all parts to rebuild.

    ? With the 70mm wiseco piston I’m assuming you need to hone the cylinder?

    Sell it? Lol I’m fed up but still hopeful and maybe too attached to this one.

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    With like new TW's with really low mileage in the $2500-$3500 range or less, I'd start looking. Sell the ole girl off or keep it for parts. Rebuild is always a question on reliability vs money spent, in my experience.

    Even better look for a motor donor bike. Maybe a wrecked low mileage 300-500cc road bike. Would love to have a Honda CB500 or 300 engine in a TW frame.
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    Where are you located? I was extremely lucky to find a used replacement engine down in Denver for a reasonable price. Have you looked around? Consider what shape the rest of the bike is in, and what you'd actually sell it for.
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    He is in Hawaii. Makes it a bit more difficult I'd say =/
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    Damn! Just when you thought up in the mountains in the middle of nowhere was "out there." I think that Chip has the best advice for you, then. But, if you do decide to rebuild it yourself - I can tell you that dropping the engine is a piece of cake and will make the work you have to perform go much easier without the frame in the way.
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    To remove seized exhaust bolts, run the engine for a few minutes then shut it down. Douse the fastener in WD40, Kroil, ATF or your favorite removal spray. Get yourself an Allen socket of the proper size (5mm I believe) and an extension. Fit the socket to the extension and place the Allen-part into the fastener. Now...give the end of the extension a couple of sharp taps with a hammer/mallet and then attach a ratchet-handle to the extension and remove the fastener.
    For the valve-covers, I would get some stainless Allen set-screws of the same thread and pitch and Loc-Tite them into place as studs. Then use flanged nuts to hold the covers on; you are less likely to strip a stainless fastener, than an aluminum head. Those valve-covers don't need a whole lot of torque to begin with.
    You could do the same with the exhaust bolts as well...use stainless Allen set-screws as studs and thread-lock them into place....or don't use any thread locker and the next time you need to remove them, either the nuts or the studs will come out!
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    Thanks guys!

    Stoked for you reddave I’ve been looking but no luck so far not even on ebay.

    There is a newer tw on craigslist but it’s at $4k all decked out though even has a duro on the rear!

    I love the idea of going 300 or 500! Or even 250. I just don’t know about the fabrication and modifications required to pull something like that off. I did email a guy on craigslist about an 06 wr250f in boxes haha.

    My buddy has loaned me his 2018klx250 which has been fun! The transmission is so slick and the power is impressive. That being said it’s way too tall! The skinny tires make it feel sketchy and like it’s gonna wash out on all types of terrain and the seat is torture. The TW really is a great bike I gotta say 😉

    Today was a bit of a breakthrough. I managed to tap the tappet cover bolt hole. I know it’s annoying for anyone else working on the bike but since the hardware store didn’t have metric 7 bolts (the next size up from the 6) I opted for a 1/4” standard stainless. I successfully tapped the bolt holes out and dropped in two fresh stainless bolts with a little thread locker. She’s now more Japanese American than ever 😉

    I also had success on the exhaust header bolts. Two days of soaking with wd40 and blaster, a little tap and wack, a little torque and they both squeaked out. I also managed the rest of the exhaust hardware off. It’s got me thinking maybe i go for the rebuild. With the exhaust free I can pull the motor and head get mine inside and see the damage.

    Check out the pictures of the exhaust valve, pretty scary looking in there! Definitely time for valves.

    At this point if I’m gonna rebuild, and after this, (albeit small) success and subsequent confidence boost I’m seriously considering it, there’s a few more parts to add to the list.

    I’m feeling like the piston and ring might be pretty beat up and I’d like to go with a wiseco 70mm this time around.

    Can anyone tell me Where they’ve gotten theirs and what others parts are required? I’m gonna call a local shop to see if they can bore the stock jug out.

    I’ll have to rent a slide hammer and maybe some other tools but seems like a valve reamer is required as well.

    There’s been a delay on the drain plug delivering so I’m considering pulling the motor in the next couple days to have a look.

    If I take it to the piston and it looks good can i bolt it back together and run it till I get the new valves? Or will that head gasket not hold?

    Thanks and I dig the idea of using studs, if I had seen that earlier I’d have thought about going that way!
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