LED Turn Signals
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Thread: LED Turn Signals

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    LED Turn Signals

    So, today I repaired my turn signals. Turns out I a dirty connection. No big deal and I've run into this problem elsewhere on this 32 year old bike.
    After dealing with that I decided to replace the rear signals with the LEDs I had on hand. I'd already replaced the front ones when I had the front end torn apart.
    Once I got the old off, not easy with things seized up, and bolted the new ones on I turned the key and gave them a try. All four signals flashed together.
    A quick look at the wiring diagram showed the issue. The indicator works by grounding through the lights not on. Not a problem when using standard filament bulbs.
    But the LEDs don't require near as much energy to light. The parasitic energy through the indicator seems to be enough to light them up. Adding resistors to the system
    seems to be enough to cure that issue. I suspect that if one were to disconnect or remove the indicator bulb that would solve the problem as well. But then you wouldn't have
    the indicator. I am no electrical engineer. I am sure others here know more about it that I. But I was wondering if adding in a diode on either side of the indicator circuit would
    also solve the issue. The primary reason I went with LEDs was the old signals were shot. But one of the advantages was easing the electrical load on an old 1987 TW and its
    strange electrical system. I'm not even sure you can get a stator for it anymore.

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    A couple of links that may be helpful:


    DISCLAIMER: I have not used either of these threads to make changes to my own bike. My goal was to get to an LED turn signal indicator with LED bulbs in the stock housings along with all other lights being LED. Bailed on that for the time being and will save for a winter project. I went back to the stock bulbs in the signals and signal indicator while leaving the LED bulbs in the other indicators, speedo and rear tailight (along with JNS headlight).
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    yes there are diode kits available from many places just for that, i bought one from super bright leds for around $3. i have also made my own with cheap diodes, about 100 of them for $5
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