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    New to T Dubz

    Thanks for the quick registration! I'm a new tw200 owner, just bought 2 brand new for me and the wife and we are loving it! Also new to this forum set up and I'm having trouble navigating. I know good and well you guys used to have a mother if all carburetor threads lol. I was looking for good info on parts and pictures of doing the main jet needle shim operation. Any help will be appreciated! Also tips for the forum would help my noob behavior! Lol

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    Welcome to the forum. There is a ton of information on this site. As well, friendly, helpful people. There are a lot of "stickies" at the top of each sub-forum (they deal with commonly asked questions/mods, etc.)

    I can't remember where it is now, but some awesome dude took detailed pictures of our carbs and had labelled every part/component as well. It'll be a stickied post. I'm pretty sure you will find everything and even more than you are looking for, on this site. Sometimes a little extra digging through threads
    will pay off. I've found answers to problems I didn't even realise I had (clutch cable spring not properly installed).
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