Help requested - KN air filters, carb jetting, battery box
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    Hi, I've been searching the forum archives for advice on how to open up the air intake on my TW. have seen lots of pics of TW's with KN filters and that's what I want to do but there has been very little detail I can find on the specifics of that modification. I've done this before with a scooter at the same time I put on a new exhaust and I rejetted the carb (about 14 times) so I get the process but I'd appreciate any advice I can get from someone who's already done this. I want to keep the stock pipe on for now. Also, when taking the airbox out, how does one typically mount the battery components? Any help would be great. Thanks!

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    there was a thread posted by babagouse that got into jetting and airfilter mods ifmi remember correctly. try looking through the old archives alot of good info on this topic.

    I edited post to include link and give credit to correct author. sorry
    not a TW owner but i play one on this forum.

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    Many of the guys running without an airbox have also modified their electrical system and are also running without a battery. Are you sure that you want to do this? Engines run MUCH better with an airbox and using electric start is pretty nice too.

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