Throttle loses power when fully open
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Thread: Throttle loses power when fully open

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    Throttle loses power when fully open

    I have an 88 and when riding in higher gears the bike won’t go faster than 20 I think it’s the carb but if anyone knows any other possible causes or how to fix it

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    I'm no expert but sounds like when I had a pinched fuel line which makes me think you have a partially clogged carb. Maybe some fuel treatment run though it could clear it. Empty your tank and run a little bit of seafoam or comparable additive at higher percentage then normal and it might just run through and clear it.

    You could also make sure your air filter is clean and you don't have any gasket leaks. And then there's your spark plug. Check color of burn and gap...test for spark. Could be that it's not burning hot enough.
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    1. Trail Woman's suggestions with the following possibility... something partially clogging the petcock. Unhook the fuel line to the carb and let it drain into a container and see if flow is different between ON and Reserve. (something to try is adding some hose to it and blowing back through it and maybe clearing an obstruction. If this works, drain the gas from the tank, remove it from the bike, add more and slosh it around and drain it again. (my 2013 I bought had a few things floating in the gas I had to get out initially, was a PITA) I would have saved time just removing the petcock instead of doing everything in my power to do it otherwise for fear of ruining the gasket without a spare on hand.
    2. Float needle setting is set/shifted high or is clogged, main jet clogged or needle not opening as you roll on the throttle under higher load at lower RPM (higher gears) which could be a blocked passage to the diaphragm or a crack has formed in the diaphragm. (Basically carb rebuild/thorough cleaning if it hasn't been done in a very long time) If you are going lean and popping while it's only pulling 20, that's a good sign you have a restriction on fuel somewhere along the way.
    3. CDI or crank position sensor portion of stator or associated wiring/connector.
    4. Although this should be present in any gear.... at higher RPM, spark dying off is an indication of a coil/wire going bad.

    Edit... I'm sorry I didn't catch the year when I first posted. Disregard the parts about the needle's slide piston diaphragm and passage... yours doesn't have that on an 88. My bad. It would be applicable post '01.
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