What Are You Using to Clean and Lube Foam Air Filters?
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Thread: What Are You Using to Clean and Lube Foam Air Filters?

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    What Are You Using to Clean and Lube Foam Air Filters?

    The threads I found on this subject were pretty old so I知 wondering if there are newer alternatives or non conventional products.

    I had a recent experience with an air filter disintegrating and it got me thinking how badly I neglect my air filters. I had a K&N that I sold with one of my TWs. I liked how easy it was to clean and lube but I値l never spend that much for another.

    So what are people using for cleaning and lubing their foam style filters? Based on old threads, I just ordered No Toil cleaner and lube but wonder what works for others?

    Thanks and cheers
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    If this was for a big, hi-revving, deep-breathing bike I was going to do many, many miles on, I would use nothing but a life-time, pleated K&N air filter. Also car & truck.
    But...for my little T-Dubby puddle-jumper, I use a life-time UNI brand foam replacement. Better quality than OE. Total confidence in UNI products. Got it from ProCycle.

    Simple Green multi-cleaner, full strength.
    Rinse well with hot water & thoroughly dry.

    Maxima brand, FFT (Foam Filter Treatment), per directions.

    I'm not saying these are the "only" brands, but they are all tried & true.
    Cost was not a consideration on any of these...it's too important.
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    If it's real dirty I first use mineral spirits then liquid dish washing soap to get all the grit out. As far as filter oil I've used Maxima, Bel-Ray what ever is on sale. As my filters can't read I don't think they care.
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    Doesn't the manual say to use motor oil? That's what I used on mine. Why is that a bad idea?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt in TN View Post
    Doesn't the manual say to use motor oil? That's what I used on mine. Why is that a bad idea?
    It's not a bad idea but it can run out and make a mess in the airbox.

    Actual foam filter oil will get tacky and stay in the filter.

    I will never recommend K&N as I have seen plenty properly maintained and get dust in the intake, first hand, not just read on the internet.

    I have been cleaning all my foam air filters with gasoline for 30 years without a single issue and oiling with Maxima FFT or Klotz air filter oil.

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    No Toil is the one for me. Easy clean, no drip, really tacky. One set of No Toil should last 5 years easy.
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    I still prefer using gas to clean my air filters and then an air filter oil. I have tried other cleaners, but I find them messy.
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    I bought a spare stock filter years ago so I have a clean one ready to alternate. I wash in sink with dish soap, dry and oil with K&N spray filter oil and put in a zippy till I need it
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    Clean with gas, then dish soap then Bel Ray filter oil.
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