Hydraulic Clutch?
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    Here's the deal. I was looking for new clutch and brake levers and I'm having a hard time finding a brake lever with the light switch. I wanted the 2 piece perch so I wouldnt have to take the grips and everything off and scratch up my newly painted handlebars (I know this one doesnt have the 2 piece perch). I came across the Magura hydraulic clutch kit and then did some more searching around and found this. Has anyone tried or looked into a hydraulic setup? I'm wondering how the cable end would fit the clutch lever. Also how much throw do you need to disengage the clutch. I dont know if this unit is adjustable for that. Anyone got any thoughts or ideas?


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    Interesting idea, but my first thought was... what do you do if that breaks down in the middle of nowhere?
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