sparks from battery terminal when starting!!!
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    My battery seems to have been losing power lately (headlight goes noticeably dimmer when at a stop with turn signal on, harder to start) so I topped the cells off and set it on a charger last night. This morning when I started it I did so with the seat still off -- for whatever reason I don't know. Anyhow, to my surprise there was a spark from the positive battery terminal to the frame every time I pressed the start button. My TW is a 2002 if that helps. It didn't look like there was any part of the frame or wiring too close to the posistve terminal and the spark was more like a welding spark than the kind you get when you touch a light switch in the winter. I'm assuming this isn't normal. Any idea what might be either going bad or dirty/corroded so I can fix this? I doubt my TW is going to light itself on fire anytime soon, but it makes me a little nervous. Plus, it can't be good for my battery. Thanks.

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    Never mind, I figured it out. It ended up being that the battery cable was coming loose so the sparks were due to arcing between the battery lug and the cable end. Between tightening that up and charging my battery it's working like a champ again.

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