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    I have recently put my new aftermarket tail/brakelight (baja design) on my tw,but, it won't work..

    i have connected ground to ground (black to black) and i've tried to connect the other wires in both possible way's

    but they give the same result.. a constant beem of light.. or no light at all.. is it the wire conected to my brake pedal

    that is broken? or is there something i'm not seeing here..?

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    You're gonna need to get out a voltage-tester or multimeter and figure out what wires on the bike do what. If memory serves me, there really ought to be only 3 wires involved. One is ground, the others are probably tail +, and brake +

    If you have a multimeter, connect the black lead to ground and the red lead to the one you suspect is your brake light wire, then turn on the key and grab the front brake lever or step on the rear brake lever. Should go from 0v to ~12.5V.

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    I wouldn't necessarily assume that any color on the tail light is what you expect...even the black. The wires on my '95 are black=ground, blue=tail, yellow=stop. The wires on my aftermarket tail light are green=ground, yellow=tail, brown=stop,.

    Wired so everything is working correctly is black to green, blue to yellow, and yellow to brown.

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    Are you sure you didnt get a side marker?
    "Peace be the journey"

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    Take your seat off and use your battery in a process of elimination.

    Connect any two wires to the battery until you get a light. One of those wires will be your ground.

    Combine one of those wires with the remaining wire. If no light, the other one is your ground.

    Then it's just a matter of determining which wire is tail and which is brake. The brighter of the two of course is brake.

    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

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