Clutch Engagement vs Free play in clutch lever
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Thread: Clutch Engagement vs Free play in clutch lever

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    The TW200 Owners Manual (page 7-20) speaks to taking up slack in the clutch lever but are we to assume that this will move the point of actual clutch engagement such that the engagement point comes in earlier or later in lever movement? And which adjustment really influences the engagement point--the lever adjustment on the handlebars or the cable adjustment next to the engine?

    While I could simply trial and error this I'd rather not screw it up as all else is perfect as is.

    (Yeah it's a new 2013 and my last TW was a 2005 with a few other motorcycles and ATV's in between)

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    Both adjustments do the same thing. The clutch cable is a fixed length. The cable housing length is "changed" (effectively) by adjusting in either place. People like to have theirs adjusted differently. I run mine a little loose, the lever has some slack when released. The only bad thing you could do is to take out "too much" slack and actually force the clutch to slip all the time. That would require going beyond the slack tho.

    Use the adjustment on the engine to get it close, and use the adjustment on the lever to fine tune it. If the adjustment on your lever is adjusted way out, spin it back in and take up the slack with the adjustment on the engine.
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    I don't have too much slack in mine, but for the wife with smaller hands I gave her enough so the bike is not slipping the clutch when in gear and sitting still. It works for her better with shorter fingers for it to engage early. Each to his/her own. As long as it is fully disengaged or engaged when pulled or all the way out you are good to go. Just be sure to have a small bit of slack when fully engaged so it dosen't slip,


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    Mine is brand new and releases way out at the end. No slipping but different from my past bikes.

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    I always considered the adjustment on the handle bar to be for taking up slack caused by cable stretch. Maybe call it the fine adjustment and no tools required so you can adjust on the go. Down at the engine is where the main adjustment should be made. I always turn the handle bar adjuster in leaving about a full turn before it bottoms out and then use the engine adjuster to do most of the adjusting. As your cable stretches and your clutch plates and discs wear you can easily readjust at the handle bar to set the lever the way you want it.

    The clutches on our TWs simply do not allow for much free play. Some might consider them rather grabby but I think they are very positive in that there is very little space between engaged and disengaged.

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