Brake pads and shoes
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    I'm gonna need both brake pads (front) and brake shoes (rear drum) on both of my 2008 TW's.

    Any suggestions between EBC or OEM brand?

    I've used EBC brand on several other street bikes with good results, but read a couple threads

    from folks who claim they don't work well on our TW's.

    should I stick with Factory yamaha brand or use aftermarket?

    Thanks for any suggestions.


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    I went with EBC and am not especially thrilled with the performance. I didn't drive it much at all with the OEM skids as they were both pretty much shot when I got the bike. However, braking performance isn't exactly great. I inspected the rear shoes after about 700 miles of use and while the shoes are slotted to help clear the dust, the material is chipping away at the slotted areas and don't inspire much confidence for long term durability.

    Hope this helps...

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