Eat your heart out MrBracket, I made a stick!
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Thread: Eat your heart out MrBracket, I made a stick!

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    When I saw r80rt's post on the trail jack that he made, I said to myself "I could do that!"

    Of course that is what I always tell myself when I see all the cool stuff that you guys make, but I never follow through and do it. But this time I said "I really can do that!", and decided to actually do it.

    I wanted a jack that would fit into one of my tool tubes, so I decided to make a two piece version of r80rt's design.

    First step, off to the stockroom to check out my inventory of rare and exotic metals.

    Next a trip to Home depot for a length of steel tubing ½" OD x 3/8" ID.

    Now it was time to begin fabricating the straight portions of the design. Here is the high precision cutoff tool that I utilized - accurate to +/- 2 microns in the hands of a skilled craftsman (unfortunately, I am not that person).

    With the straight segments done, I then proceeded to the curved segment. Here is my V6 equipped, Budweiser fueled, Armstrong metal bending apparatus, which worked surprisingly well.

    After some high precision work with a big old hand file, the fabrication work was done.


    Now on to the welding department and my CNC welding layout and fabrication table (the CNC refers to Cheap N Crummy).

    A few years ago, I picked up this Harbor Freight welder off of Craigslist for $30.00 but have never used it. Well now it is time to dust it off and see if it works.

    Here is the welding table and welder all set up and ready to see if it will work.

    (Since I've reached my limit on pictures, I will continue with Part II)
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    Part II

    WARNING: Here is where it gets ugly. Make sure there are no small children nearby. They may be scarred for life if they see the following image.

    Considering that I have never welded anything before (unless you count JB-Weld), didn't bother with any practice welds or even reading the instructions that came with the welder, the jack didn't turn out too bad. Not pretty, but I banged on the welds pretty hard and they didn't pop off. Should be okay to hold one end of a TW a couple of inches off the ground at O mph.

    Next, the project moved over to the paint shop. For this part of the job I fabricated an OSHA approved paint booth complete with solar illumination and continuous atmospheric crossflow ventilation. Paint system used was a self pressurized system with full digital control and an internal orbital MMM (Metallic Mixing Mechanism).

    After knocking off some of the bigger goobers and sharper splatters, the jack was ready to paint.

    Here's the finished product. Satin black paint can hide a multitude of sins!

    Considering that this project only took me about 5 times as long as it would take for MrBracket to design and build a complete remote controlled, hydraulically actuated rocker/recliner suspension system for his TW complete with surround sound, closed loop temperature controlled seat warmer, cup holders and a GPS positioning/leveling system, I am pretty satisfied with the outcome.

    Thanks again to r80rt for the original idea!
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    Too Funny!

    1st John 1:9
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    John 3:17
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    Quote Originally Posted by "lil" Tommy View Post
    Too Funny!

    +1! LOL!

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    M.H.O.M. "Bahl Mosh" approved! m.

    PS: Trading in my precision notched 2X4 for one of these...

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    You are welcome, but the idea ain't mine, I stole it. That's a dang good looking jack, ya done good!
    Only a fool would attempt it, and God help me, I am that fool!

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    nice job brian, we'll have to do quality control checks at the sheet iron! hopefully no one will need it.
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    Where and when will they be in a store near me!? Classic!
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    Very nice. Cool that you made your own stand. Thanks for sharing.

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    Delete. Double post.

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