Buying Piston Rings
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    Was on looking for some piston rings. I see I need #9... but which #9?...

    Any other suggestions on where to buy rings?

    It's for a 1991 TW.
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    The only way to be 100% sure will be to measure the piston the way the manual says too. It is very specific how to measure the piston and gives you the valves so you know which rings to order. I would not just chance it!
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    If you have the original piston in the engine then get the standard rings. If it has been bored out and a larger piston installed then there will be a number stamped on top of the piston telling you how much it was bored out -- most likely one size larger which is .5 mm oversize.

    If you are going to guess then guess Standard size because I bet about 99% of the time that is what it is.
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    I usually buy oversize rings even for stock size pistons and jugs (like +.5mm oversize) so that I can file them down to the right ring gap regardless if the cylinder has worn a bit. I like to set ring gap at the new spec as per the owner's manual.
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