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    Hey Guys ,

    I notice some light spot of rust. Any advice on how to usually handle it ?

    My tw is from 2010 with a grey silver frame ( swing arm looks like to have a different gray ) but I can't find the color code.

    Should I simply go to a Yamaha dealer for a touch up or do it myself ?

    Moreover I notice some rust diluate in water on the exhaust pipe that are black and it's leaving some kind of light rust. Is there any way to get ride of it ?

    Thanks !


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    sandblast the shit out of it! most of the time they whill ask to much money for just some bike parts.. but if you have an compressor.. a sandblasting rifle isn't a bad idea! deals with all the rust and paint.. because just removing the rust will look realy bad anyway!

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    My 93 had a rusty header pipe when I got it. I pulled the exhaust off and cleaned all the paint off of it with a wire wheel. Then I painted it with black VHT spraypaint. (Very High Temp exhaust paint.)

    Looks great now.. better than new TWs on the showroom floor.

    Before on the exhaust


    And just as an exercise in OCD you might wanna pull the plug on your exhaust while you still can since it's only a few years old. That way you won't have to drill out the screw/bolt that holds it in and use a chisel and hammer to get it out like I did on mine. I cleaned mine up and reinstalled it using anti-seize compound.

    Also, the use of a bench vise was necessary due to the amount of rust. So if you like stuff to stay pristine, be vigilant about regularly disassembling/reassembling things to keep them from rust locking together.

    1993 TW200

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    If you do wire wheel or sand the spots, it's a good idea to hit the spots where rust was with a rust converter such as RustMort, Eastwood, or something similar. It kills the pits of rust that can't be sanded out and prevents bubbles of rust under the new paint later on. It's handy stuff to have around.

    The only match I found for the frame/swingarm is from a company called Colorrite. The code is "Yamaha 0035 Silver (SL)" but it's real expensive. I've found that Duplicolor DAL1679 is close and a lot cheaper if you want to use a rattlecan. There's probably other close matches too. A clear coat over the color helps it stand out too if you do the whole part (or not). A durable clear coat is one made for wheels.

    I've been doing a lot of repainting since my bike is torn down. TW's factory paint is pretty thin. Make sure your battery overflow hose is routed all the way through the frame. A lot of bikes have a spot of rust on the right side of the swingarm from battery acid spills.

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