Think this headlight would work?
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    Hello, all. I'd like to change my TW's square headlight for a round one. I'm a newbie to mechanics, electricity and bike work, but I'm willing to try. Think I could get this to work?

    Thanks much! ... Deldog

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    it works as long as the headlight is the same distance between your forks.

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    Hi Deldog,

    Welcome to the forum!

    It looks like this kit should work on your TW. The mounting ears should fit the fork legs, the headlight will fit between the fork legs, the turn signals are dual filament so you can keep your running along with the turn signals, and the wattage is close to stock.

    You'll have to decide whether you want to keep your stock electrical connectors (in case you ever want to go back to the stock setup) or whether you want to clean up your wiring and hard wire the new lights directly to your wiring harness.

    The price seems pretty high for what you get, but if it is what you want - go for it. Post some before and after pictures and if you get stuck, come back here and ask for help.


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    I put that stuff on my cafe bike last summer.. same chrome EMGO fork ears. The price seems good given the fact you're getting it all at once and only paying shipping on one unit.

    Those ears cost about 20 bucks at a motorcycle shop. The headlight maybe 35-50 bucks and the signals about 15 bucks. Just FYI.

    You might have to make tube spacers to get the light to fit right and adjust to taste with the turn signals.

    My setup on the bike I built last summer:

    I was using a Bates style 5 3/4" headlight, but the concept is identical. I preferred the fork ears in the direction I have them mounted as opposed to the other way. But the world is your oyster.
    1993 TW200

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    You guys absolutely rock. Thank you so much. Packing for a big move, but when I get to this project I'll be sure to share. Thanks again! ... Deldog

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