No electric start?
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    Hey guys haven't been round here in a while but have recently had a few problems with the ol T-dub. Hoping someone might know what's up with a couple these issues.

    First problem) Electric start doesn't work at all and I've been kick starting it for the past couple weeks. When I turn the ignition on it doesn't even give me power with lights or anything at all, not even horn. Once I kick start it, it idles and powers the lights and everything but it idles like a bike with no battery power, e.g. lights go brighter when I crank the throttle and they dim with the vibe of the engine when I'm stopped at lights etc.

    (Second problem) When I indicate my headlights and brake lights flash with the indicator. e.g when my indicator flashes the headlight + brake lights are dull and when it stops flashing both lights are normal?

    Very strange and I'm keen to get to the bottom of it. I wanted to see if any tech heads on here knew much about T-dub electrics. Do they have little problems every now and then or do I have gremlins in my bike haha? Any help would be tops.

    cheers guys n gals!

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    Kinda sounds like the battery is bad or going bad. Can you take it out and have it tested somewhere? Load test it.
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    Borrow a battery from someone and see if that is the problem. (or charge yours) Good to hear from you again!

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