Are chain sprockets directional?
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    I am doing a frame off rebuild of a 1990 TW 200 with around 600 miles. I have been bead blasting parts as I go and either powder coating or painting anything that showed corrosion. I am re-assembling parts as I wait for the frame and swing arm to return from the powder coater. I took off the rear sprocket and marked the the inside with a deeply scratched "in" so I could reinstall the same direction. Well, after bead blasting and coating, I can't see the "in" anymore, nor can I see any other marks on the rear sprocket. The sprocket shows no appreciable wear, which would be my other guide. My question: is the stock sprocket on the TW directional? or can I mount it in either direction.

    Thanks for the advice. I am compiling pics as I go and will post a build thread when I get a little further along.

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    It'll be fine. Sprockets CAN be directional, but it's because they are cut differently on one side than the other.

    They're just steel, so direction doesn't matter.
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    If the sprocket is worn at all it may be hooked on the power (pull side) and running it backwards might get a few more miles out of it, but I wouldn't do it. Some folks do such things on bicycles, but then they are traveling a slower speeds. Examine it carefully and you'll probably see the difference. Tom
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    If the sprocket your referencing does not have a recess or otherwise excessively worn as peruano mentioned, you should be fine either direction.

    If you have a sprocket which has a recessed area, you'll have to make sure of how it's placed for proper chain alignment. When I replaced my stock rear sprocket, the replacement was recessed. I've had it mounted both ways and it didn't really matter, but you'd have to make that call for yourself.
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