The Middle Mickey Mouse Exhaust Mount
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    At 19,440 miles on the odometer I installed a late model muffler on my early TW parts bike and had to make an adapter for the middle mount.

    With 20,295 on the meter (855 miles) this is what I found. In an "into / out of" the picture direction the broken pieces don't align very well but it is a little hard to see. Up and down isn't to good either.

    So I took the big broken piece and drilled a new hole in it and put it back on but hopefully in such a way that there is less stress on it.

    I hope it last longer than the 855 miles the last one lasted.

    My other TW has the exact same set up as in the first picture but with only 172 miles so far. Reports to follow!!!!
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    Well, at least you don't have much invested in it....especially the second time. It should last longer now that it lays flat.

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    I'm certainly not wishing you any ill fortune, but if this mount doesn't hold up I have a suggestion for cheap material for making stuff like this.

    You can find old cookware at thrift shops for $1 or $2 and use the handles, etc for making brackets and the like. Much cheaper than metal stock, especially aluminum bar stock, at least by my comparison shopping. I used part of an aluminum pot lid handle to relocate my tank mount to fit a Clarke XT350 tank.
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