Lift the height at the back on my Tw 125
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    Just wanted to know if I can raise the back up a bit but without buying a new shock? I heard about a clip that can be moved but how do I disassemble the shock and spring and how much height will I gain? It feels ok at the moment but I'm quite tall and would love it to be a little higher. Also my bike is a 2004 125cc but I'm sure its the same shock.

    Thanks Matt

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    The clip you are talking about only adjusts the stiffness a bit, the height is the height. It might add a tad of lift when sitting on it cause the spring is stiffer, but no curb height. Only way to change height is to swap the shock, I did the blaster but its obnoxiously high. The banshee will add an inch or so I believe from the rear shock post in the performer forum. I bought a vtr1000 shock to put in (came in today so it'll be in tomorrow) and from what I read on a post in the forum will add maybe inch and a half plus spring is stiffer.

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