Crankshaft doesnt turn counter clockwise
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    I was trying to remove the camshaft bolt by holding the crankshaft and trying to turn the camshaft bolt counter clockwise. I read that the bolt is a standard thread.

    I torqued it pretty hard and heard a click and stopped and did that about 3 times total. This did not make it looser.

    Then I tried to turn the crankshaft counter clockwise because the tick mark was no longer aligned at the TDC mark to put it back. It turned for one 1/3 spin with the force of itself but after that it does not turn in that direction anymore. I can turn it back words though. It is pretty stuck.

    I am wondering what I may have done?

    Maybe when the camshaft ticked, the chain skipped a few teeth which causes the crankshaft to not turn anymore?

    the purpose for removing the camshaft bolt is to remove the head and replace the valves

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    Quote Originally Posted by TWhawaii View Post
    Maybe when the camshaft ticked, the chain skipped a few teeth which causes the crankshaft to not turn anymore?

    I believe your diagnosis is correct. The cam sprocket skipped a few teeth. Now the piston is touching an open valve when you rotate the crankshaft. Put the cam chain tensioner back in and tighten it up so there is tension on the chain. Rotate the engine backwards so you're not bearing on the valves while trying to break the cam sprocket loose. Let the foot peg hold the bottom ratchet while turning the ratchet on the cam sprocket bolt. It's tight, but it will come off. You'll have to re-time things when you go back together, but it's not that big of a deal. The sticky about base gasket replacement in the technical help part of the forum describes much of what you're doing and might be helpful to you. Good luck, and post up if you need any further help.
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    I'm not a pro on the TW200 engine, but if the cam chain skipped some teeth, your piston might be resting against an open intake or exhaust valve. Pull the spark plug and see if the piston is jammed up top. Then carefully undo whatever you did.

    Why are you replacing the valves? If it's because 'one of em is stuck wide open' that might be your culprit on the piston (and crankshaft) being jammed.
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