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    I have a 1993 TW with an apparent charging problem. I bought the bike about 2 months ago and it ran and started with electric start just fine. but little by little the battery got weaker and weaker till it now will not turn the motor over at all. Of course we were still riding it just using the kicker. decided we should try to figure it out. we noticed that when the bike is at low idle the headlight is noticibly dim. Bring the throtle to a fast idle and the light brightens to about normal. But as you advance the throtle the light begins to alternate from dim to normal bright. advance more and it just goes back to dim. So we can see that at riding speed the battery must not be charging.

    disconected the batterey with engine running and at idle about 6 volts. at sightly higher idle I is somewhate variable between 11-12 volts but never did I see anything near 13. up to a fast idle and volts drop to about 9.

    I was thinking voltage regulator.....

    any way to check the voltage regulator?

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    You may have a dead/dying battery. What is your battery voltage at rest? With the battery hooked up and the bike at fast idle, what voltage do you measure at the battery terminals? Do you have a battery charger/tender? Hook it up and charge it at no more than 2 amps for 6 hours or so and see what happens then, and what happens to the battery voltage at fast idle.

    How old is this battery and how much do you ride the bike?

    It's more likely your battery is dying than your voltage regulator is bad.

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    yeah the battery appears to be toast. But I thought the charging system should still put put a constant voltage. Will pick-up a new battery next week ans see how it reacts.

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