Stolen bike, got it back now it is thrashed.
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    Stolen bike, got it back now it is thrashed.

    So my '06 TW was stolen and recovered smashed. It looks like they were doing wheelies down the street and flipped it backwards. The headlight, speedo and indicator cluster are all smashed. The handle bars need to be replaced along with the clutch and brake levers and throttle tube. The tail light is also crushed. They broke the key lock getting it started and messed up the gas tank lock. Not sure if the gas tank is even salvageable.

    I am a broke college student this was my cheap transportation around town and too campus. Now I am stuck driving my old truck which is better rated at gallons per mile. I want to rebuild this as cheaply as possible. Aftermarket parts or OEM whatever gets me back on the road. Pictures to come later.

    Any help in what to buy or where to buy would be greatly appreciated.

    I have some ideas. I was looking at the trail tech vapor kits and the headlights they have. The rest I was looking at Amazon and the like for just cheap parts.

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    That really sucks, sorry to hear this!

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    That blows. Where are you located? I've got a spare stock '89 gas tank (white with blue/black decals) sitting in my garage. Got a locking cap with key. It might have a little rust in the bottom, but some cleaning products would fix it up. It's yours free if you want it.

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    I'm very sorry to here this! Freakin idiots think they can just take whatever they want! Ahhh don't get me started!

    Anyway, I have a used clutch and break lever you can have. Send me your address and I'll get them to you ASAP!

    Hope things work out for you!

    2006 TW200

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    I have a stock handlebars that are collecting dust.
    Old As Dirt,

    Living in Las Vegas and loving it.

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    I am in Omaha Nebraska. I would be very appreciative of anything I can get my hands. I would love to get it going for school, free parking on campus for motorcycles and way closer to class rooms. If you want to send anything, I work at Interstate Batteries and there is always someone there during business hours to sign for packages. I live in a not so good area if you haven't put that together lol. Address would be Casey D. Interstate Batteries 920 S 72nd st Omaha ne 68114. I have always been the pay it forward type, now I guess it is my turn to receive. Thank you so much in advance.

    Does anyone have any alternative ideas to the stock key ignition? They cut the tab off the frame that locks the steering in position. I would rather not shell out for key ignition/steering lock when all I need is just the key ignition. This thing will be chained up when I get it back on two wheels again.
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    sorry to hear your luck, at least you got very cool people here to help you out, if your gonna chain it up how about just bypassing the ignition and hiding a toggle switch somewhere?

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    eBay is your friend

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    Any blood on it? Maybe they hurt themselves when they flipped it. You can always hope.

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