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    Carb Issue

    I just purchased a 1992 TW 200 that has been stored for years. The bike starts and runs well but will not idle with the choke off, runs ok with the choke pulled out. Any suggestions? Do I need to rebuild the carb or will a good cleaning do the trick?

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    I have bought a few bikes that haven't run in years and usually all it takes is just cleaning the idle jet out with a piece of wire or replacing it with a new one. I would start there as it's very simple and especially if the bike runs fine off the choke once you roll on the throttle more than a 1/4 turn or so.

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    Check your pilot jet, mine was the same as yours, the pilot was the culprit.

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    Try some "Lucus Deep Fuel Cleaner" first, has worked wonders on a couple of my bikes without having to open the carb.

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    Just got done with my brother's bike. It had exactly the same problem, and as the others said it was the pilot jet clogged up. The only way I could unclog it was to soak in some carb cleaner, then run a piece of wire from a wire brush through it. Be aware that the actual hole in the jet is much smaller than the hole appears from either end. A wire from a wire brush is small enough and stiff enough to do a good job. His bike runs great now, and I'm sure yours will too once you get it cleaned up.
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    Thans for all the info.

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