Disc Brake Conversion
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    Disc Brake Conversion

    I just purchased a 1992 with drum brakes, the brakes are questionable at best. How difficult is it to convert to later model disc front brake?

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    Just my opinion, but if you find the drum questionable you probably won't be tremendously impressed by the disc, either. I consider them pretty much apples-for-apples.

    That said, in terms of parts you'll need the following:

    Left lower fork leg (rights are all the same, earlier is better cuz it some still had drain plugs)
    Front wheel w/disc.
    Master cylinder and brake hose.

    Starter/kill switch from post-'01 TW (optional). If you use your existing switches the starter button will be pointing toward the ground due to the master cylinder and throttle cable locations. More of an inconvenience than it is a complete nuisance, but worth doing.

    You'll need to splice the plugs from your early model brake switch onto the master cylinder brake switch because the later switches are a larger diameter.

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    I gotta agree with that, it's not worth the effort. I've had TW's with both, and the disc doesn't stop any better than the drum.
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