Speedometer Rebuild
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    Speedometer Rebuild

    Just after I got my TW about 5 years ago my Grandson enthusiastically grabbed the odometer reset knob and managed to snap it off -

    Has anyone got an address for a company that can rebuild a Yamaha speedometer?

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    The reset knob was broken on my speedometer when I bought it. There was a portion of the shaft still attached to the speedometer. I was able to remove the plastic knob shaft by unscrewing it. I used a radio knob from a 1976 Chevy and epoxied it to the shaft and reinstalled it. If there is any of the plastic shaft still there, you may be able to do something similar. Good luck.


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    If you really need a speedometer / odometer, you 'might' want to look for an alternative to the OEM. I have been looking for some parts and the stadiumyamaha.com site has been quite useful for looking up parts (microfiche) and getting an idea of the cost.
    I hope you can find a cheap alternative like Joemama did, cause if you have to buy OEM from stadium yamaha (or other dealer) you are looking at $170.75 plus shipping. Edit: Get creative........watchya gonna do....break it?

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