Front brake fluids
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    Front brake fluids

    I NEED HELP dudes,

    Recently my front brake jammed up. after a big check up i discovered a s*** load of problems.
    my calliper cilinders were jammed, my front master reservoir piston was jammed and my brake fluid was very dirty..
    I have ordered all nececery parts and fluids but very quickly ran into a problem.. i can't fill my brake system through the normal route..
    -i filled my fluid reservoir
    -started pumping..
    only small bubles of air came out of the little breathing holes in the reservoir body..

    am i doing something wrong? or is this a sign of something realy bad or stupid?

    any help would be awesome.

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    If the reservoir isn't sealed up then you cannot create pressure by pumping up the breaks. I also find it easier on bikes to just gravity bleed them, that is leave the cover off the reservoir and open the bleeder valve. Make sure you keep the reservoir from running empty though or you will just add more air to the system.
    Forever grateful for all your help brother
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    Old thread I know ,but, "reservoir isn't sealed" meaning the reservoir cap is not secured / on ?.

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