Recommended tire changing tools for travel?
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    Recommended tire changing tools for travel?

    Any particular set of spoons etc. that seem better than others? These will be bag mounted on the front fender. I'll have to check the bag length also. Thanks

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    I posted my favorite tire tools in this thread Post #7

    And more past threads on tire tools

    The smaller the tire iron the harder they are to use and more likely they will pinch a tube.
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    use really big tie wraps...the kind you can open up without cutting. After you deflate the tire and break the bead, wrap 3-4 tie wraps around your tires, threading thru the rim...pull them up way tight and slip the tire off. remount a new tire the same way...pull the wraps tight to squeeze the sidewalls down. I know quite a few guys who have used this method on street bike tires...helps save your rims too. you can also use straps, the kind without ratchet buckles...see the link

    Mount a Motorcycle Tire Without Using Tools - ADVrider
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    I carry three of these Tusk lightweight tire irons with me. I've used them a few times and they do a good job. Definitely handy to have on the bike during long rides since they're light and small.

    Tusk Ultra Lite Tire Iron | UTV | Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

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