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    My reg/rec is shot on my 2005 TDub, which years are a bolt in replacement? Thanks

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    Jerry Lee, Others may give you the quick answer but I'll give you the one that will serve you the next time you are interested in parts compatibility. Go to and check the oem parts list. You get the exploded parts diagram and parts numbers for the entire bike. Just zip up and down the tw model years to see if the 2008 fits the 2005 etc, etc. Also shows whether Yamaha still stocks the part or whether you will have to go to the boneyards. Good luck. (I'm going to guess and say the parts you are looking for are standard across most of the range from 2003 - 2008 at least). The 1987 had an extra wire and is unique as I understand it, but things may have been pretty standard after that change. Tom
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    I'll second that. These components have been both upgraded and downgraded variously over the years, and I've seen at least 3 variations of the rectifier from '88-'01. The frame tabs for these are all different from one another, and the same could be true between the '01-to-present bikes.

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