Oil changes
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Thread: Oil changes

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    Oil changes

    How often and what brand / grade? Thanks , Stevo

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    Search in the other threads......a ton of different ,opinion ,fact and fantasy will arise....seriously though ,there is alot of info there. Also obtain a FSM .....factory service manual ,you'll be glad you did .

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    How many miles on your bike?

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    I just did my first oil change on mine at 203 miles. Lots of very fine metal particles on the filter. They must be left in there from the machining done by the factory. I used 10w40 Castrol
    automotive oil but I will switch to synthetic after the engine is broken in.

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    I change my oil when the shifter stops feeling smooth and easy. It seems to last longer with synthetic oil.

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    I change mine every 1000 miles with Mobil 1 Racing 4T.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevo View Post
    How often and what brand / grade? Thanks , Stevo
    Okay Stevo, you stepped in it.

    The answer to your frequency question can vary dramatically depending upon whether this is a new bike or already broken in (i.e over 1500 miles), type of riding (e.g. dirt road, pavement, city, etc.) and conditions (e.g. hot climate, prolonged climbing, heavy loads).

    Obviously, the harder, hotter you work your engine, the more frequent oil change, the better. My TUU '14 w/ 1000 miles (3 oil changes already) is still breaking in so I am doing oil changes every 500 miles or so hereafter. Granted this is very frequent, but I do alot of vertical climbing (hence gets hot) in the mountains and it only takes me about 15 minutes (mosting waiting for the warm oil to drain out).

    If you are road riding and your bike is broken in, 2,000-3,000 miles between oil/filter changes is reasonable. I use Yamalube 10W40, my TUU is worth it!

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