The Bear Glacier
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    A popular adventure ride is going to Alaska via the Cassiar Highway and a popular side trip is to Hyder/Stewart. Along that route is the Bear Glacier. Just last month I saw a post on ADV where someone took a picture of the glacier in 2009 I believe the last time I was there was in 2002. Here is a comparison of the two photos taken close to the same spot. In 1974 I was here but I can't find the package of film- but my recollection is that the glacier was or felt like it was nearly up to the road.



    This is my favorite digital Bear Glacier picture:

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    Yeah! The one with the fog & the cold cave in front is my favorite of these three.

    Do you have a larger image?
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    Is that the Bear Glacier off of Resurrection Bay? If it is, pictures taken from the out on the bay in a boat make it look like the glacier is all the way to the water. I was told by the ships captain that it stopped more than a mile from the waters edge.

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