3 Fingers Rock
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Thread: 3 Fingers Rock

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    Three Fingers Rock

    Originally, this ride was gonna be titled "3 Fingers Gulch", but due to time and sore butt constraints, we cut out a few side trips and save them for another time. I'm still recovering from yesterdays ride and sorting through the photo's and video's. Here is a teaser photo from Ron (RoninBoise).

    Me, Georgie and 3 Fingers Rock in the background.

    3 Fingers Rock up close

    I'll post the rest of the ride in a few days.
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    Great shots! Really resembles three fingers (and a thumb) reaching out of the ground.

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    Three Fingers Rock Ride Report

    Independent of each other, Ron and I had seen a ride report in another forum of an area near us. This perked our interest. Ron mentioned he'd like to ride there. I got the gps tracks from the author of the rider report. Ron asked his long time riding buddy (#1) if he'd like to go. Next day, we went.

    8 days ago...

    Looked doable. We did run out of time to ride the whole route, so route's marked in yellow are saved for another time

    First, a little video entertainment

    Staging area

    You can see a long way up here

    Wild horse paying no attention to our presence

    Lake Owyhee

    Suicide Cliff, our first destination. Gotta stop or you may end up having a bad day

    Not sure if suicide cliff is what this place is really called. I call it that because of murderer Ted Kestner. Ted killed his land dady, then while fleeing, attempted suicide here by driving his pickup over the cliff. He bailed out at the last second, continuing the saga. The truck is no longer there.

    Photo courtesy of Jason Abbott (http://www.trailimage.com/klr-club-in-the-owyhees#21)

    Ted then took an elderly couple and held them hostage at their cabin near Lake Owyhee.

    Georgie performing a safety check of the cliffs edge.

    You can barely see the cabins along the high water shoreline in the distance

    So we decided to stay awhile and eat lunch here

    Ron setting up his kitchen/dinning room

    #1 keeping an eye out on the TW's during lunchtime

    Iron Mountain

    I did grab a nearby geocache, appropriately name "Thelma & Louis" if you are familiar with the movie. I left the Canoe looking "Travel Bug"

    #1 in deep thought and taking in the views

    To be Continued
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    Hidden Content A ride in the woods helps me relax and release tension. The fact I'm dragging a body should be entirely irrelevant?

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    After our lunch, we soon were on our way

    Short time later we ran into a second small band of wild horses

    Even had a little one with 'em (middle)

    After the wild horses, we got our first views of Three Fingers Rock

    Wasn't hot, but still nice to fine "thee shade tree". Actually there were two tree's here!

    We did some exploring nearby. Found this post with an arrow in the middle of nothing. No trail we could see. Maybe pointing east? Who knows.
    Wonder what the story is

    Also found some cool rock formations

    Georgie approves

    Big Country

    Even the ducks have a hangout

    After many miles, we made it to the back side of Three Fingers Rock

    Nearing the end, we go through yet another gate. We've gone through many on this day

    I can see this terrain feature from my house many miles away. Probably much closer as the crow flies

    Well, that about wraps it up. Didn't take any picture's in Succor Creek Canyon, but it was pretty too.

    Hope you enjoy, and thanks for following along.

    Till next time.
    Hidden Content A ride in the woods helps me relax and release tension. The fact I'm dragging a body should be entirely irrelevant?

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    Three of the real advantages of going riding with the Admiral are 1. He takes such good videos and photos and 2. He makes such great ride reports and 3. He is really handy with the GPS.

    As a funny side note, when we were dropping down out of the hills to Succor creek, we stopped and visited with a pair of hikers (man and woman) who were kicked back in a couple of lawn chairs by the pickup. Georgie hopped down off the Admiral's bike and introduced himself to the couple. When we were ready to take off, Georgie jumped back on the Admiral's bike. As he puled away, I overheard the lady say to her partner," DID YOU SEE THAT, THE DOG IS RIDING ON THE BACK OF HIS MOTORCYCLE." I pulled over by her and said," THE REASON HE RIDES BACK THERE IS BECAUSE HE HASN'T LEARNED TO DRIVE YET," When I was down the road a little I could still hear her laughing raucously.

    When we got back to the rigs, my spedo showed 80 miles and my butt said it knew. It was a great adventure.

    Happy Trails All

    Ron in Boise

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    Looks like a great ride. Thanks for sharing guys.


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    Always a great report from your rides! Thanks


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    Nice adventure! I can't wait until I can legally hit the roads next July. I'm waiting until 18 so I can get good off road, and to lighten the cost. Yes of course I do neighborhood riding :P great pictures, I'm also looking forward to expanding my photography skills with the tw most kids my age prefer the loudest of loud, biggest jumps, and most broken bones. But I choose to save my limbs for another day and enjoy the view. (Don't get me wrong, I give it heck in the trails). Sorry for all of the me talk. This just inspired me a bit

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    Lots of fun viewing your video, photos and reading about the ride. Keep them coming.

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    Wow.......Just Wow

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