Short but sweet.
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Thread: Short but sweet.

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    Short but sweet.

    It's been a long dry spell, but I was finally able to get out on the TW for a few hours today. I've wanted to go to the Mail Drop at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes, and since we've had a fair amount of rain lately I thought now would be a good time.

    I passed through Cane Beds, Arizona - a small rural community. On the way through I spotted one of my favorite sights, a windmill turning in the breeze.

    Up ahead is Elephant Butte. It's supposed to look like an elephant, trunk and all. I can't see it, but I'll take their word for it. I'll be passing through the gap between the buttes in a few minutes.

    Edit: OK, I guess from this earlier picture I can see what they're talking about. The long butte on the left is the body, the short butte is the head, and the butte furthest to the right is the trunk - I think.

    I had hoped with the recent rains the sand would be a little tighter - no such luck. Here I am parked in deep sand under Elephant Butte.

    Views off to the northeast.

    I fought the deep, loose sand for a few miles, almost biffing it several times, then finally turned around. I'll save the Mail Drop for another day. One the way back I thought I would check out Lost Springs Mesa. I've been told there is a compass rose chiseled into the rock somewhere on the edge of the mesa overlooking the Arizona Strip. The story is local Indians marked the direction of each water source in the area. I would like to find that someday, but not today as the mesa covers a lot of area, and I don't have that much time.

    I love this time of year.

    I rode pavement out to the Coral Pink Sand Dunes, but decided I would ride the dirt on the way back. I found myself on the Honeymoon Trail. Wildflowers were in bloom everywhere.

    Coyote marked his territory. Looks like it must be slim pickings around here!

    On the way back I stopped at the monument for the Gould's Shearing Corral. The stuff people have found and placed on the monument is close to 100 years old.

    Near the monument there was some cactus in bloom.

    I love the beauty of nature, and photosynthesis is a miracle to me.

    Almost home.

    More desert plants in bloom.

    It was short, but sweet. I hope you enjoyed the ride.

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    Wonderful pictures and story. Thanks.
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    Thanks for sharing....its look beautiful
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    Thanks for sharing your fun adventure.

    Happy Trails All

    Ron in Boise

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    stunning photos. thank you for sharing them.

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    Looked like a beautiful day to ride! Great looking pics! Thanks for sharing! Enjoyed it.
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    Nice report. It makes me want to go somewhere and explore.
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    Thanks, and you're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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    I enjoyed it. What is the coyote pick about? Didn't really see anything?
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    Looks like another great ride B-dub, thanks for posting.

    I share your reluctant skepticism about some of these place names, I suppose after a long enough time on the trail a fella had to get a little imaginative or go a little crazy! Not sure myself which outcome the preponderance of elephant references points to, though.
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