YouTube Channel for amature TW200/CT90 vids..
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Thread: YouTube Channel for amature TW200/CT90 vids..

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    YouTube Channel for amature TW200/CT90 vids..

    This is my youtube channel..
    I don't know how to properly ride or work a GoPro, so your probably gonna see me fall a lot and do stupid things.. ( I already destroyed a clutch riding down a hill with the motor turned off...) So if your into that stuff check it out and tell me what im doing wrong with my riding and camera skills..
    (Everything is filmed with a GoPro Hero 3+ Black in 1080)

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    Looks like fun but challenging trailriding there. You are doing well. Video looks pretty good, Utube compresses imagery so you will lose some resolution I hear. TW doesn't have suspension to really perform well in the rolling whoops. Best I can suggest is hover over bike and let it pitch and rock while you ease motion with elbows and knees absorbing motion. Ride more to gain experience. Try to hit downed logs as close to perpendicular as possible.
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    Hey, If you want to get really serious about filming, theres alot you can do to improve your videos without alot of effort or expense. Sometime Im going to do a write up and tutorial for filming moto stuff.

    Here are a few quick hints.
    1. Mount your camera on a boom (eliminates jiggly picture quality, adds effect).
    2. Have other people film you either from another bike or stationary.
    3. Use a variety of shots. First person, pan, shots of scenery, pans of scenery, forward trail shots, shots of tires spinning etc.
    4. Keep your edited clips to 5 or 6 seconds.
    5. Add cinematic music. (try stuff by topher mohr, silent partner, jingle punks etc from youtube)
    6 . Use windows moviemaker for editing. Its simple and easy to wrap your head around in about 15 minutes.
    7. Wear bright colors and shoot in the sunshine.
    8. Go as fast as you feel comfortable. Fast riding is more interesting to watch, though more dangerous.
    9. Before you get out riding, plan what kind of shots you want to get throughout the day, take the time to stop and actually get them.

    Check out some of my vids and youll see this stuff demonstrated.

    Hope it helps.
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    I want to pick up a camera myself, I guess I'll add my videos and post them in this thread, we could all do that, there aren't enough TW200 videos on the tube!
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    Thanks for the tips Iiny-Wheel. Hope to use some of them to improve the quality of my YouTube vids.

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    Checked your channel. Cool vids, keep em coming...
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