TW200 or ATV riding with a passenger
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Thread: TW200 or ATV riding with a passenger

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    Question TW200 or ATV riding with a passenger

    I have just moved to the great white north in Puvirnituq,Quebec,Canada. I am looking at either purchasing a TW200 or an ATV(Quad). The most used vehicle here is the ATV. Though I have driven ATV's before I prefer riding a motorcycle. The small town that I live in has some paved streets but most are predominantly gravel . I plan to use the vehicle to commute around the town to run errands, travel on gravel roads leading to the outskirts of town and beyond with some off off road adventures. The off road riding will be done in the tundra. The tundra is a treeless plain with a variation of small shrubbery, moss, soils, rocks and at times moist soil. If it were just up to me the TW200 would be the route to go. The problem is I plan on riding most of the time with my wife as a passenger weighing 125 lbs to my 200. The off road riding would be done at very low speeds, basically to get from point A to point B avoiding to walk large distances of fairly rugged terrain. ATV's are able to go through most portions of the tundra without any problems unless the soil is waterlogged.
    I am wondering if I will be able to do the same with or without a passenger with the same ease as an ATV? Can anyone help me make the right choice?

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    With the conditions you have explained I think a two up quad is your better option.

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    Hello and welcome! I have to agree with Joe, it sounds like a quad would be the better choice here. I'm sure the TW could handle it though.

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    if youre tundra is like ours youre way better off with the quad. Or you could split the difference and go with a 3 wheeler! The CW is that tws arent great 2 person bikes, especially offroad. 3 wheelers are actually pretty versatile depending on your terrain and situaation. Id start by looking for a honda big red.

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    Both my quad and my Polaris RZR UTV will go places in mud and soft soil that my TWs just get bogged down in. If you do decide to go with a TW then you might want to check the threads about installing the Duro or Maxix ATV rear tires on the TW. I don't have any use for the larger tires on the TW but they certainly do make a very big difference over the stock TW rear tire when mud is encountered.

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    I think you have already gotten good advice, and I also think the ATV is probably the better choice for the terrain and situation you describe.

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    I think you should buy 2 TWs, one for you, one for the wife.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scotti158 View Post
    I think you should buy 2 TWs, one for you, one for the wife.
    This is the best way to have 4 wheels...:-).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Berpet01 View Post
    ........ Can anyone help me make the right choice?
    I tried riding two up with my wife just to get back to a trailhead only 5 miles from our house. She had to get off and walk anything other than the hard pack dirt. We won't be trying THAT again!

    I don't care WHAT kind of motorcycle you have, two up on anything but smooth hard dirt is an invitation to disaster. Get her an ATV. I did. THEN someday you can get yourself a TW200!

    (or what Scotti said!)
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    I agree with Tiny wheel.....having had all ....the Big Red is a machine that is hard to beat in muskeg..I wish I still had mine or found one in mint shape.......but for the most fun the TW cannot be beat.

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