Toy Pass - Pickett Creek, Owyhee Mtn's. June 2014
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Thread: Toy Pass - Pickett Creek, Owyhee Mtn's. June 2014

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    Toy Pass - Pickett Creek, Owyhee Mtn's. June 2014

    Went on another camp and ride in the Owyhee Mtn's on Backman Grade/Triangle Rd. Location is generally southeast of Silver City, Id. We camped about a mile over the pass (southside) and rode out from there for the next few days.

    After arriving and setting up camp, we took a short evening ride. Our idea was to head east of the pass around Toy Mtn and then back to camp for some good rest before hitting it hard the next day. Here's a www to view a map of the area we rode:

    From a hill east of the pass looking to the northeast, is Quicksilver Mtn. Other peaks in this little range we saw throughout the adventure and bunched together are here: Quicksilver Mtn., Cinnabar Mtn., Hayden Peak, Turntable Mtn., and War Eagle Mtn (not shown in this photo).

    Toy Mtn. looking southeast from the same hill.

    We headed eastward on an unnamed trail towards Castle Creek.

    Parked on a point and took in some fews before heading back to camp for the night

    Looking southeast with Castle Creek canyon down yonder

    From the same spot looking northeast, we see something in the distance, but can't quite make it out with our eyes. Camera zoomed in we see it's a ranch, Spivey Ranch I think. You can see the place and the red roof on google earth/flashearth www's. Our location is just off the BLM map to the south.

    On the main road back to camp we spotted the old bridge which use to span the creek.

    Same bridge taken next morning. Georgie approves!

    Here's Part I of III video of the evening ride and the first half of the next day.

    To be continued
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    Hidden Content A ride in the woods helps me relax and release tension. The fact I'm dragging a body should be entirely irrelevant?

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    Day 2. Today we'll ride trails C310/C312 to find a geocache. Then down C300 to Pickett Creek trail C400 to find another cache. After that we wing it, view the maps, and head back towards camp...the long way (on purpose). End up riding trails C200, C100, C510, and finish again on C200 before making it back for some well deserved rest. Long hot day of riding.

    As is usual, I wake up about 2-3 hours before my wife. While waiting for here to wake up, I usually take a short hike around the area of camp.

    Right at camp is this corral. I believe it was once used as a "branding corral" for livestock. I think this because of the upright wood posts spaced close together, thus not allowing the animals to slip out. Of course this is just a guess as I only dream about being a cowboy and am not one in real life!

    Everyone is finally awake and we take off for a good long hard day of riding. My wife loves maps. Here she is trying to find out where we're at.

    My guess is trails C310/C312. But hey, what do I know? I'm only the cameraman!

    I've got the GPS!

    Moving right along... In the part I video above, I got stuck on a steep and loose gravel incline. Wife makes it up in 4wd on the atv, but I end up side hilling it to the nearby ridge and am able to reconnect to the trail. If it had been a hard pack trail, I'd have made it up this short section of trail no problem.

    Anyway, we've just come down this little gem of a hill. It's steeper, longer, and every bit as gravelly loose as the one I didn't make it up earlier. I ain't gonna make it back up this thing. Luckily, we connect to trail C300 at the bottom here and will take it after reaching the cache we're after.

    Cache successfully found

    Georgie helped look for the cache too!

    After locating the cache, we head back to the junction with C300. By the way, most of these signs were bent over, either by wind, heat melting the plastic or both. We propped the trail signs up with rocks when we could. Won't last, but hey, we tried! In the distance you can see the canyon rim of the Snake River. It's not as close as the camera makes it out to be.

    Photo of Quicksilver Mtn. after we've descended down C300 quite a ways on our way to Pickett Creek.

    Our destination up Pickett Creek is the geocache at the old cabin site on trail C400. Well, we were stopped short. In the video (part I), you can see we were stopped by a gate, which was marked private property (orange paint)! This sucks! We were about 1/4 mile from the cache and cabin site. We could see an ATV track had recently gone through this gate, but we respect the wishes of the property owner. Still sucked we couldn't go on though!

    Lots of video of the ride up and back, but here's one of a mud hole I thought for sure I'd get stuck in. Didn't here, but I did have trouble in another creek crossing further upstream when heading back out! Video below depicts this part of the ride very well. Tons and tons of creek crossings!

    After departing Pickett Creek, we decide to sort of head back riding trail C200. Here's a couple photo's of the Quicksilver-Turntable Owyhee Mtn range taken from C200.

    After a diversion on trails C100/C510 (see part II video), we're back on C200 and take a photo up Brown's Creek.

    I did make my wife upset when we were on Pickett Creek. We made up, and she's now enjoying the ride on C200 again. (note to self, when asked how much farther it is to the cabin while traversing a very very difficult creek crossing, do not say "I have know idea" with maybe not the nicest of tones! It doesn't go over very me).

    After a long day, we finally make it back to camp and relax for the rest of the evening.

    Toy Pass-Pickett Creek Part II
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    Hidden Content A ride in the woods helps me relax and release tension. The fact I'm dragging a body should be entirely irrelevant?

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    Toy Pass-Pickett Creek June 2014, Final day.

    Here's the video after we depart Pickett Creek and just a small bit at the end on the final morning.

    Again, I'm the first one up. Decide for another morning walk about. I see these bird houses on the fence every few hungred yards or so. I know the birdologists mean well, but they don't look well used. Visited yes, lived in, maybe not so much. Cute none-the-less!

    One sour note, I still can't believe someone would drive all the way out here to toss an old TV. If you're gonna toss it and don't/can't spend the money, sneak toss it in a trash can or dumpster at a rest area or business or something. Still illegal, but better than out here. This item now rests in our dumpster waiting for trash day.

    Oh, and on another sour note, our hopes of reaching the 3rd cache were dashed as was the Pickett Cabin Cache. Private property...with a locked gate to boot. Had to turn around again, which shortened our day 3 morning ride. If we're out here again, we found alternate routes to the cache avoiding this section of private property which is surrounded by public property.

    Near a shipping corral we spot this old cabin or shed. Can't quite tell if it had ever been lived in, but it was a cool find.

    Windows make me think cabin, no siding or filled in cracks make me think shed.

    and near the corral we spot this little fellow. Cute!
    Why do they call them Rabit or bunny. If mule deer are called "mule deer" because of their big floppy ears, why shouldn't rabits be called "mule bunnies" because of their big floppy ears. Just wondering!

    Well, that's all folks! Take Care and ride safe!
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    Hidden Content A ride in the woods helps me relax and release tension. The fact I'm dragging a body should be entirely irrelevant?

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    Wow, quite an adventure! Big, wide open spaces, steep hills, lots of cool stream crossings - fortunately none that required sonar! I liked the old bridge and cabin, too. I was a little concerned on the steep hill climb when you couldn't get traction, and the steep departure out of the streambed - glad things worked out. Thanks for the great pics and videos, I really enjoyed them!
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    That sounds like one great vacation, what a ideal trip to camp-n-ride-n-explore while geocatching. Now If only I could get my wife to ride I also like Admiral's First Mate... or is that rank called Executive Officer or maybe Commander these days?
    The mushroom like pedestal rock above Castle Creek(?)makes a very striking photo, good shot.
    Spare dry socks might be a good item to have when riding with the Admiral's fleet.
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    Thanks for sharing Admiral. I always enjoy your ride reports. You sure get to ride in some beautiful areas.

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    Great adventure and ride report. I think you could do those R.R.,s professionally.

    Ron in Boise

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    "Mule Bunnies....." I like that!, thanks for the report.

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