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Thread: Touring Colorado

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    Touring Colorado

    I just picked up a '88 TW, and am new to this forum. My normal bike was down for serious work, and I needed to go to Centennial, WY from Grand Junction, CO and back (about 600 miles), and I thought to myself, "What the heck, I'll take the TW."

    The bike was a little bit rough, so I had to fix some things, during which I geared it for the highway with a 14T front sprocket and a 42T rear. After some new tires, I strapped on my camping gear, and I was off.

    With that gearing, I felt like I maxed out the TW's power, but it didn't feel abusive to the engine. Even loaded, I could cruise comfortably at 45-50 mph, and push it to 55 mph if needed. I stayed on secondary roads for the most part, going through Rifle, Meeker, Craig, Steamboat Springs, and Walden. I camped a couple of nights too, once on the way on Rabbit Ears pass, and then again at my destination with friends at Centennial.

    On steep sections like passes I had to downshift and run at 35-40 mph in 4th gear, but I just faded into the shoulder as needed to let faster traffic by. I checked my fuel economy twice, and I got 76 mpg when doing a lot of climbing, and 79 mpg when running more on the level. That's what the 2014 supposedly gets Not bad!

    I used a 110 main jet, but it was too rich above 7,000 feet, which was actually a good bit of the trip... for example, all of North Park. At full throttle, the engine lost power and loaded up, so I had to back off. I've now got a 108 or order to see how that does. Spacing the needle jet up 2 washers is a golden tip I got from someone here. That helps a lot.

    The big tires were a bonus during camping, as I needed to ride through some softer terrain where my normal dual purpose bike would have left ruts. Cool!

    I'm a new TW fan! It was a fun ride. I'm looking forward to more already...

    (Pic is from North Park looking towards Rabbit Ears)
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    Great Ride report, and Welcome to the Forum. Got any Pics from the ride?
    Journey before destination.
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    Added to original post! Thanks
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    Hello and welcome!

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    Nice ride report and pics. My Colorado trip is getting closer and closer can't wait. Love it up there. Thanks for sharing.
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    welcome Dan-e. Pretty decent first trip on the TW. Hope you realize that won't be your last. Also, you may wanna shine up the 'other' dual you mentioned. I got a feeling it will be for sale soon.

    FYI, its written in the forum by-laws that all ride reports contain photos. (notice the plural?)
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    Next time I'll pack my camera. No need to sell anything, as you can't have too many motos, right?!

    I gotta confess that when I was contemplating the TW for this trip, my first (and second) thoughts were, "Naw, too small. Too slow." But then I remembered Pierre.

    I lived in Bamako, Mali, West Africa for a time and had a Euro XL250 while there. Nice bike, by the way. Anyway, my French friend Pierre, a motorcycle mechanic, rode a XL125 from Paris to Bamako - unsupported!! He never divulged his secret to me, but I figure as he was motoring across the heart of Algeria he had to have ponied up to a truck for extra gas and water. That's a long long way and very very sandy. A TW would have been a better mount

    Anyway, long story for my justifying taking a little 200 on 600 miles. A comparative piece of cake!
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