South hills adventure
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Thread: South hills adventure

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    South hills adventure

    My friend and fellow TW rider Larry and I finally made it down to the South Hills in the South Unit of the Sawtooth National Forest. Larry had just finished up with the irrigations cycle on his farm, following his first cutting of hay and had time for a couple day adventure. We camped at Porcupine Spring camp area; a well kept forest service camp ground.

    I had not ridden in that area since I moved to Boise 36 years ago. I fondly remembered all the fun areas up in the pines that were great trail areas back then. I had called the Sawtooth Forest Headquarts a couple of months ago and they sent me a map of the area.

    The first trail I wanted Larry to see was the Third Fork of Rock Creek. This little 10 mile single track had been pounded down, whooped out and deeply eroded to the point that it is far less fun than it used to be. Much of the trail had eroded down to form a deep U channel with large rocks. The steep uphills were often covered with smaller loose rock that provided very little traction. We were very pleased to survive and make it to a 2 track ATV trail we saw on the map.

    So back to camp we went to regroup. There we mapped out a route up to the top of Pike Mt. The view was awesome and the route was more ATV type trails suited to the two of use who are rapidly approaching Geizerhood (70/68).

    The next morning we made a big loop over through the Bosteder area on Forest Service Roads and then hooked up to some neat ATV trails that traversed the mountains and took us back to camp.

    The weather was predicted to turn really hot; it did. So we loaded up and headed home. It also allowed us to avoid the back country congestion of the big 4th of July weekend. Overall, it was a good adventure other than the Third Fork.

    Happy Trails All

    Ron in Boise
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    Good to hear you & Larry got out and exercised those TW's some! Sounds like a beautiful area to explore, and sounds like you guys had some fun doing so. Thanks for sharing the fun with us.
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    "approaching Geizerhood", that funny! Take any photo's?

    Recently traded my TW trail time for the hooved version. Not sure which saddle is best at keeping the butt from wearing out. Toss up I think.

    Sounds like the ATV trails in the south hills are a little bit more negotiable than the single track. Glad you and Larry were able to make it down there. For me...someday!
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