Crazy weeds
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Thread: Crazy weeds

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    Crazy weeds

    Took a ride on Independence day in some river bottoms. It was mostly sand or treacherous mud and giant weeds. This is just a short video that shows how tall these weeds were (about 7 feet!).

    The second half I included just because of the huge, beautiful, blue sky.

    Video is in HD, but you have to click on the gear and change the settings.

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    Looks like somebody's pot farm.....lucky you didn't get shot!
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    TW makes a good weed wacker! What a versatile machine.

    The tall weeds reminds me of flying into Utah's Mineral Bottom to float the Green River and Cataract Canyon. The dirt strip was overgrown with five foot tall weeds and the landing 'lil Cesna had no choice but to chop-chop-chop its way down the primitive strip. Poor prop was green and juicy but un-nicked ( same could be said for the pilot). We cleared the plant pulp from engine intakes , turned plane around and sent grumbling pilot back down his mowed lane. Great float trip irregardless.

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    Oct 2013
    Indiana, 40 miles south of Indy
    That sounds like a high-pucker moment.

    Wasn't really very fun riding. Believe it or not, you can hide some pretty nasty stuff in 7 foot tall, dense weeds.
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    466 mentioned above, TrailWacker200.
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