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Thread: Grouse Riding Companion

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    Grouse Riding Companion

    Finally put together a little video of grouse escorting me off mtn a month ago. He followed me for five minutes or so after flying into my chest. He didn't seem hurt or defensive, bird just wanted to follow at side of my TW. I would race ahead a hundred yards or so then wait until he caught up.Then roll with him some more, then ride again to see if he still followed. Weird.They are dumb birds and make good eating. Maybe he just liked my Day-Glow paint job
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    That's funny.
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    Too funny! maybe he has learned that bikes kick up some good bugs to eat? who knows, those crazy birds.

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    that looked like some beautiful riding area, and it's always nice when the locals are friendly…

    As to the grouses intelligence, that's hard to say. Many people do refer to them as "lacking in intelligence" but the one you encountered seem to display a definitive taste in fine motorcycles!

    Many people say that ravens are smart. However, last week while on a job, I literally had one walk up and get within 15 feet away from me, and it squawked at me the entire time I was changing out an electrical box! I have some theories about this: perhaps it was the reincarnated spirit of one of my old bosses come back to tell me how bad a job I was doing... m.


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